Buds that Bloom


I mistakenly thought that I only had two outfits from the school week when I really had three. Most of my outfits were kind of grabbed and not really my normal style this week because my routine was so different from the tryouts. I only wore the jewelry that I normally wear, and even though I don’t wear jewelry consistently, it’s amazing how incomplete your outfit feels without it. Thank you to everyone for your support on my Global Issues Project, I worked half the semester on those photos, compiling research for a brochure that is in the coffee shop, getting frames, printing them, it’s my first big project and I’m extremely happy about it. It’s a topic I’m passionate about so I’m thankful I could share it on the blog and in my community.


Skirt: Forever 21, Tank: Arizona, Top: JCP, Shoes: Nordstrom’s Rack.


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