My wonderful mom

Last year’s mother’s day brunch.

To My Wonderful Mom,
To the woman currently sitting next to me as I write this but hasn’t noticed yet.
Thank you. Thank you for being supportive of me, of my hobbies and quirks,
of the fact that I always get up really early and no matter how hard I try, I can’t step quietly.
Thank you, for letting me try to quit so many things so I found what I was interested in.
Piano lessons weren’t a waste, someday I will learn. (I’m also much better at eating Girl Scout cookies than being one.)
Thank you for mother-daughter days, and cuddling, movies, and shopping and mani-pedis.
Thank you for putting up with me on days when I’m a brat.
Thank you to my grandma, who helps me with the million and one things I do, who always gives me a hug.
Thank you for grandmothers and mothers who listen and teach.
Happy Mother’s Day Mom.
happy Mother’s Day Grandma.
I love you, and you deserve a month, not just a day.


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