SammyDress Website Review


Here is the review of the SammyDress website! SammyDress is a Korean website that sells mostly women’s clothing and accessories although they do have men’s as well. Everything there is extremely cheap, I’m pretty sure the most expensive clothing item is at most $35. I was looking for a new wallet which is what stemmed this purchase, and I had looked at reviews of the site. My friend Sara had order clothing from them and only warning was don’t buy their leggings because the pair she got ripped the first time she wore them. However there were some horror stories like people who didn’t get their shipments for a month ect. So I played it safe knowing it’s probably going to be horrible quality stuff, but bought these three things. My wallet was basically $10, my sweatshirt $9, and the tights $9 as well. I also got some off because it was my first time buying from the site.

Here’s the thing about SammyDress. The clothing is cheap, the shipping is not. Express shipping can cost $30, and when you’re checking out they charge about $4 more for insurance and a tracking number. I didn’t buy any of that extra stuff and went with the cheapest shipping which was through China’s mailing system. My package took about two weeks to arrive which I didn’t mind. I had very low expectations and to my surprise the quality of these (probably sweatshop produced, this is not going to be an Eco-friendly site guys, so if you’re a conscious buyer this may not be for you. I do try to be.) was quite good. They only thing that felt cheap was the sweatshirt, and even then it wasn’t that bad. The print was good, although it is a thin sweatshirt so it is for style not warmth. The tights are SUPER thick, and the first time I tried them on I thought they were a faulty product, but that was because I wore them wrong. The wallet too fits my cards, and money really well. My only complaint is that the wallet has two sides to it for cards, on where cards go in vertically and another horizontally. The horizontal side id just slightly to small to fit normal cards, so I can’t use it. But the other side fits great. Overall I went in expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised! I will be buying more things from this site in the future so when I order more clothing and accessories I’ll do an update so you know if something is good or bad.




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