Summer Bucket List


Summer Bucket List

1. Picnic/BBQ at the beach
2. Watch ALL the Harry Potter movies in under 24 hours with my friends.
3. Ride a roller coaster again.
(you guys don’t know this but I have a huge fear of roller coasters so I want to try again this summer)
4. Dye my hair some right color.
5. Write letters and stick them in library books for strangers to find
6. Have a water balloon/paint fight.
7. Go to Canada
8. Be able to do a handstand
(Last summer I tried doing a handstand and plateaued on my back knocking the air out of me, ever since I have been terrified to do any gymnastics tricks in dance)
9. Go rollerskating. Believe it or not I’ve never learned
10. Start journaling again
11. Stay up for 24 hours straight.
12. Camp out in the back of a truck and stargaze.
13. Have a friends only campout.
14. Re-decorate my room.


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