My dream vacation


I really want to travel to Greece. Correction actually I really want to take a food vacation to Greece, like those kind of wine and pasta tours in Italy, except in Greece. And no wine because obviously I’m not old enough. I love their food, and I so want to visit their county because its just absolutely beautiful. Why am I telling you this? This shirt reminds me of Greece. Royal blue and white will always remind me of Greek food and Greece, and so at any point in time when I see those colors together in a piece of clothing I will tell the nearest person (or persons on this blog) about my obsession. This year we are taking a trip to Canada and Hawaii, but for now I will have to dream about visiting the country of Greece, and beg my parents to let us visit.



Top: Unknown, Skirt: JCP, Crop Top: JCP, Shoes: Minnatonka.


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