Dollar Tree Haul: New York Color & Elf

So I went in for Q-Tips. One thing. I walked out with seven. I did manage to get the Q-Tips fortunately, but they had some ELF makeup and New York Color which I didn’t know they had. I knew they had L.A Colors but seeing as I wanted to focus on New York Color and Rimmel as my next two brands in my brand breakdown I bought the New York Color makeup, and the ELF for fun. I have since discovered that only the nail polish has not been discontinued from the NYC brand, but I had no idea about what the lip products would be like, and the eyeshadow has only be re-packaged rather than discontinued.


New York Color In a New York Minute Fast Drying nail polish in MoMa

This photo isn’t very good as its at the end of its nail polish life, so it’s chipped and quite unattractive but this is a good nail polish. It lasted an OK amount of time without chipping and the color was opaque after two coats. The color that was available wasn’t anything to write home about but it was a good nail polish for the price.


New York Color Applelicious Glossy Balm in Chocolate Apple

I’m really sad that these are discontinued because these are amazing! I know everyone and anyone loves the Maybelline babylips, but I don’t like them at all. I feel like tinted lip balm should not be like lipstick and to me the Babylips are like lipstick rather than balm. These give a sheer wash of color and are nice and moisturizing. They also smell like that artificial apple which I don’t mind.

New York Color City Duet 2 in 1 Lip Color in Metropolitan Mauves

Now I have never heard or seen the idea of a duo lipstick in the same tube. There are duo ended lipsticks but not a lipstick split down the middle. I can see why these were discontinued as neither of them are fantastic by any means. The pink side has extremely obvious glitter and just doesn’t sit well on the lips but the purple side is OK. it doesn’t fade very well and dries to a matte finish, but it’s nicely pigmented. Unfortunately it kind of smells like aloe vera, which is weird and slightly off-putting in a lipstick.





New York Color Metro Quartet Eye Shadow Quad in Union Square.

Now they have little eyeshadow palette’s like this called the Individual Eyes which come with a highlighter and a primer. I’ve tried their trios and wasn’t very impressed but was impressed with this. Because I brought this quad I’m not going to try the Individual Eyes palette but I have no reason to believe it’s bad because this is very good. The eyeshadows have long wear, longer if you wear a primer, and are quite pigmented. Not quite as much as the Wet in Wild shadows but almost. They aren’t super buttery but they aren’t chalky at all which is nice. Plus there isn’t any fallout, which happened with a Sephora eyeshadow I’ve tried just recently.




Elf Essentials Eye Brightening Quad

I was not super impressed with these. The white shadow was quite chalky and while the bronze and purple shades were OK, they didn’t have the best pigmentation. The black seemed very dark, but it swatched like a dark grey which is good if you want a good building shadow then that’s OK. Overall it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that good either.



ELF Essential Liquid Eyeliner

This is quite good. This is a very black eyeliner and wears for quite a long time. It’s more liquidly than some eyeliners I’ve tried so you have to be careful while it dries. It doesn’t smudge and wears really nicely.


Me wearing some of the NYC shadows and the ELF eyeliner.


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