Makeup Swap: Eyeshadows

Pictured: Unknown Cream Eyeshadow, Estee Lauder Duo Eyeshadow, Loreal Color Riche Quad, Sephora Single Eyeshadow.

My friend Sara and I had a sleepover and we swapped some of the makeup that we don’t use to try something new. I’m not sure what the brand is for the liquid cream eyeshadow, but I’m giving reviews for all of the makeup for you guys as well.

The cream eyeshadow comes in a tube almost like a lip gloss, and applies very sheer. It’s a pretty color but unfortunately has major fallout. The fallout also causes it to fade and it doesn’t last very long at all.

The Sephora brand single eyeshadow is in Hollywood’s Calling and is a beautiful color. However it falls out of the eyeshadow pan easily, although it didn’t break. This color is beautiful over primer but also has some pretty major fallout throughout the day.

Estee Lauder shadow duo has the prettiest packaging. The duo is called Amethysts and while the colors swatch very nicely, they are very sheer on the lid. They are somewhat of a satin finish and the colors are pretty. I’ll be playing around with this to see what looks I can make out of it.

Loreal Color Riche Eyeshadow Quad in Skinny Jeans.

I really like this quad. The colors will be perfect for a Bad Blood inspired eye look, as they can create a perfect navy smoky eye. The top color in the quad is actually a really good dupe for Mac’s Tilt shadow, which I had considered purchasing before. They have a nice quality and are very pigmented, which I like as these are the first Loreal Eyeshadows I’ve ever tried.


Cream eyeshadow 1, sephora eyeshadow 1, estee lauder eyeshadow 2, loreal eyeshadow 4,


2 thoughts on “Makeup Swap: Eyeshadows

  1. Funnily enough, I cleared out my make-up yesterday and gave away all my unwanted stuff to friends today… it’s such a shame to just bin perfectly fine make-up, I don’t why it never occurred to me before haha. You should let your friend do a post with her opinion of her swapsies :)x

    • Yes swaps for clothes, shoes, makeup, anything really is fun. I’ll ask my friend about that.

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