Rimmel: Concealer & Primer


Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer in 002.

This is a pretty good primer. It’s white and has a silicony feel t it, but it does make my makeup last a long time. This primer is focused more on smoothing, than the Babyskin primer which is more pore reducing and feels like your makeup is going to grip onto. It’s supposed to mattify, protect, smooth, brighten & resurface your skin. I’m not the hugest fan of white primers and this is slightly thick, and has a slight chemical smell that makes you feel like your spreading glue on your face. However this works well and although my foundation wasn’t the same as when I fist applied it, it lasted a while.


Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer in Light Beige.

Now as the name may suggest this concealer is food hiding blemishes. And no doubt it is good at that. However I have tried Rimmel’s match perfecting concealer already and loved it, and I wanted to try this. I already had a blemish covering concealer so I bought this in the second lightest shade, which was more of a salmony color, and have been using it on my undereye circles. For being a blemish concealer this works fantastic on my undereye circles. It doesn’t cover everything, but it’s great at blending smoothly. It lasts a long time, and doesn’t sit atop my skin but blends into it which I love. Totally would recommend this!



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