Vintage Queen


I thrifted this dress, which will appear in a haul at a later date, at one of my local shops and thought that it looked so close to the 50’s floral dresses housewives used to wear. Everything was done with such glamor back then, and when I put it on feeling like I was only going to have an excuse to wear it once in a while so why not, I just went with the feeling. If the photos were black and white it would make the look, but I had to show you the colors of this dress. I didn’t wear the heels around all day, only because the majority of my town wears flannels on the daily and it would look a tad out-of-place. However these shoes looked perfect with it so I had to wear them, even if it was only for the photographs.







Dress: Coldwater Creek, Shoes: Madden Girl (Thrifted), Belt: Thrifted, Necklace: Vintage.


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