Maybelline The Nudes VS. The Blushed Nudes


So since I bought the Maybelline The Blushed Nudes palette I thought I would give a comparison between the two for you guys. Maybelline also came out with The Smokes Palette and The Brights Palette but I haven;t given either of those a try, mostly because the shades don’t look that interesting to me, and because my local Walmart hasn’t brought them in yet. The Maybelline The Nudes palette was my first ever palette and it has the same black packaging and lettering as the other three. The Blushed palette is the only one with a change in packaging. Another difference between the two is that The Nudes only came with one sponge applicator, while the Blushed Nudes came with two. The Blushed Nudes have more rosy tones and look more like the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, while The Nudes palette looks like a mix between the Naked 1 & 2. I definitely feel like the shades in the blushed nudes are much more daytime and wearable than the nudes palette, which has darker shades. Another difference is the quality of the shades. The blushed nudes only had one iffy shade, while the nudes palette had several shades that swatched very similarly and didn’t have the best formulation. On the whole with both palettes the more glittery a shade the better it’s formulated. I personally prefer the blushed nudes over the regular nude palette, but they both have nice shades and good wear time.


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