4th of July Patriotic Outfit Roundup + A New OOTD


Happy Fourth of July! I have some outfit inspiration for you guys because my fourth of July is going to be spent performing during our parade with the dance team, and then hanging out with my friends and family. So the outfit I actually will wear won’t be photographed in time. Here is a bunch of Red-White and Blue outfits so that you can look cute, and hopefully stay cool for your fourth of July. Some of these outfits I’ve pulled from my achieves and therefor have me wearing jeans, but you can always go for shorts that look similar. Last year for fourth of July we had just come back from Europe and I got sick with a stomach bug that we still don’t know what it was. I just was in horrible pain and could barely move, or walk without pain. In fact it was amazing I even went to the parade because afterwards I remember going home and going back to bed. Thankfully this year I’m having fun rather than being in pain.




Top: JCP, Shorts: Macy’s, Shoes: Nordstrom, Bow: Craft Store.






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