Review: Hair & Skincare


Rimmel Let It Go Eye Makeup Remover

Let’s start of with the packaging. Normally drugstore makeup brands have much brighter and more bold packaging, but this was much more simple, and I quite liked it. Easy to use and non-scented, this is a nice product. It takes off concealer, eyeshadow, and liquid eyeliner pretty well, gel and pencil liner less. Most of my mascara gets taken off with this but not all. My friend Sara liked this when she tried it out and I thought it was good, but until I see if there’s a better drugstore eye makeup remover out there, I’m not going to repurchase it. I would try it out you guys it’s very good.

Olay Fresh Effects See Spot Swipe Makeup Remover

I may have found anyother holy grail makeup remover wipes. I’ve tried the other Fresh Effects wipes and those are decent but these remove ALL my makeup. They aren’t for use around your eyes, but face makeup? Gone. These smell like a mix of mint and tangerine and they have little exfoliating beads on the wipe. I think that in the summer I may move to using these and in the winter my Neutrogena Hydrating ones. Plus these leave no oil residue on your face and you can just moisturize and be done! Great job Olay!

Organix Vitamin B5 Hair Oil Mist

This mist smells amazing and if you want to try it out buy it for that reason alone. I’m a big fan of Organix products and I’m also a big fan of mists. Their Moroccan hail oil is good but I often would put to much on my ends by accident, resulting in greasy hair. This distributes a nice even amount of product and doubles also as a detangler. I’m a big fan. It’s very similar to the It’s a 10 leave in conditioner+Keratin which I love, and this is cheaper. So if your a fan of that as well you may love this.


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