The Nail Polish Post

Revlon Nail Art Expressionist in Pop Art, Revlon Colorstay, Milani High Speed Fast Dry, Sally Hanson Xtreme wear.
I don’t have a photo of the Revlon Nail Art but I do of all the others.

Surprisingly I got all of these at the dollar tree! None of these are discontinued and almost all of these were great! 3/4 of these nail polishes were awesome. I don’t have the photo of the Revlon Nail Art because that one was terrible 0 out of 5 stars. The Nail art come with two sides and retails at Rite Aid at 8.99 so I’m assuming it’s the same or close to the same everywhere else. The colors are certainly cute blue and pink reminds me of cotton candy, and the color is certainly opaque. The pink side is deemed the nail art side so the brush is smaller, however the brush is shaped very oddly, much like a normal brush, but then with three longer hairs sticking out. I can’t imagine how anyone would draw with it. The colors dry decently fast, however this chipped the first day I put it on, and by day 3 looked like I had painted them at the beginning of the week. It was awful. The blue also stained my nails and it took three weeks before it went away. Don’t buy this it’s awful!

Revlon in Indigo Night

This nail polish is quite the opposite and very impressive. Opaque, good formula, fast dry time and didn’t stain my nails. It does chip fairly easily around the edge of your nails but I thought that this was a very good nail polish. Hats off to Revlon for this formula.

Milani in Quick Teal

This was my favorite out of all of the nail polish I got. This has the thickest most opaque formula, one coat and it dried extremely fast. It’s glossy and lovely wear time. Does chip a bit around the nails but other than that this is an amazing nail polish.

Sally Hanson in Peach Beach

Sally Hanson is known for her different formula’s for nail polish and I liked this quite a bit as well. It didn’t wear an abnormally long amount of time, but it was a nice classic formula, and didn’t chip for probably three days. I know they still sell these and I would recommend trying them.


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