LA Colors Mini Brand Breakdown


This is my mini brand breakdown of the LA colors makeup. I was interested in buying a few of their things but not them all so I figured I would do a post for you guys. I’ve only ever seen this in the Dollar Trees and online on extreamly cheap websites like Shop Miss A, as all the products are a dollar. As expected most of it is duds, but there were a few good ones.


This is their nail polish in lime life which I bought for its color mostly. This actually has pretty decent wear time and if you apply a lot of coats can work up to an opaque polish. It’s got shimmer, not glitter which will make it a pain to remove, and the formula is oddly gloopy for being so thin and sheer, however it was only a dollar and the color was good which is what I bought it for.


This is the Blush & Bronzer which I don’t believe come in any other colors. The bronzer swatches and swatches prettily, but doesn’t pick up with a brush, and is a much better golden highlight then it is a bronzer. The blush doesn’t pick up at all or swatch and I did try to get a swatch for you guys. Neither of these are worth it.


The eyeliner and the eyeshadow are my favorite out of all of these products. The eyeshadows and the eyeliner last and are extremely pigmented. The eyeshadows also don’t have any fallout which is so nice. They really are pretty great for only a dollar.


The LA colors lip balm, lipstick, & chunky lip stain.
Now all these products are pretty decent, but I issue a warning because they are a dollar and when you wear lipstick you end up ultimately eating some of it, so this is where you have to be very careful. The lip balm is an exact dupe for the maybelline babylips and isn’t to bad, neither is the lipstick or lip stain they all are very pigmented. However the lipstick and lip stain broke immediately so their is that.




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