CNDirect Asian Website Review


Just like I did a SammyDress website I’m going to do a review of CNDirect. I only ordered socks from them so I can’t give a review on anything else, but mostly my package was good quality. I ordered four pairs and with shipping it came to around a twenty dollar purchase although the socks were 2-3 dollars each. I ordered these knee high ones with frills in dark grey, light grey, and coffee. The frill socks came very nice and thick, good quality, and the only complaint is that the dark grey is more like a dark blue-grey than plain grey. The other pair of socks I ordered were supposed to be like stylish knee high tube socks but came with three stripes instead of two making them look more like soccer socks. They also are very thin and quite tight so my expectations were met with these as they weren’t exactly what I wanted. The shipping for the cheapest one was estimated to come within 10-25 days and it came in twelve, so a wait but not a ridiculously long one.





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