Brand Breakdown: NYC Cheek Products


Their are only three cheek products from NYC so instead of doing a video I’m doing a blogpost. 3/4 of the are mine and one is a stockphoto because I don’t have the product with me. NYC has one blush which they call Cheek Glow, and two bronzers, Sun n Bronze, & Smooth Skin Perfecting Bronzer. Sun n Bronze comes in a variety of shades as it’s a true bronzer and is shimmery, so you can buy lighter or darker shades depending on your skin tone. The Smooth Skin Bronzer only come in one shade Sunny which is a matte shade and can be a contour or a bronzer. The Sun N Bronze was my first bronzer and I did like it, but it’s much more of a highlighter/bronzer. It does take some working to get onto your brush but it’s a good product. The Smooth Skin Bronzer this the newest one I’ve tried and I do really like it. It’s much more of a true bronzer/contour and I think it’s very nice. This comes in a compact style rather than a lid that is detached. The blush I have is in the shade Riverside Roseand is a light mauve rose shade. This is a very nice long lasting blush that is easy to blend and just a really good product. The only complaint is that the packaging often is difficult to open.





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