Cupcakes & Cashmere Book Set


I already mentioned in my favorite fashion & beauty books video that I really liked Emily Shuman’s first book Cupcakes and Cashmere, named after her blog. She released a new book this year called Cupcakes & Cashmere at Home, so I’m doing a review of the books for you all. Emily Shuman actually inspired me to really start a fashion blog because she was the first fashion blog I discovered.

Her first book covered a variety of topics. It was separated by season as the chapters while her second was in two large sections, room decor & entertaining. These sections were further broken down into rooms of the house & types of parties you could throw. Both books have her signature gold lettering which I find very pretty and clean, and the back of the book and inside remain in the same style, different pictures and colors for each book. Her second book just focuses exclusively on decor and entertaining but their are recipes and a few outfit suggestions thrown in. Her first books had beauty, fashion, entertaining, gift guides, recipes, quite the range much like her blog. Both books are lovely and I really enjoyed her second book. I enjoy, out of the two, the first only slightly more than the second because I like the wide range of topics, and because Emily’s decorating style, while pretty, isn’t mine. However both books are amazing and I think you guys should check them out.






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