W7 Palette In the Nude (Exact Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupe)


This palette is from the brand W7 which is an English brand. I bought this palette through Amazon and it look about a week to arrive. The packaging is in a tin (quite the the Naked 2 & 3) and feels very sturdy. The names of the shadows are on the back so you don’t always know which shadow your using, but they have nice names. When you open it the twelve shadows are inside a plastic holder, which a double ended brush provided for you. The brush is of decent enough quality that you actually could use it. The only downside to the packaging is that for a while after I first got it, when you opened the lid there was this extremely strong plastic smell. It took a could weeks for that to fade.

Below is a link to a blog with all three Naked Palette and All three of the W7 palette. You’ll see they are exact dupes.


The colors are exact dupes for the Naked 3, and although they don’t swatch as strong, the wear time is all day even without primer, and fallout is very little. Overall, this palette is amazing and I can’t wait to try out the others. Each range for $6-7 and for an exact dupe on the Naked palettes which come with a price tag of $50, I’m sold!




Pictured left to right; Latte, Angel, Venice, Marilyn, Copper Pot, Sun Kissed, Alice.

Pictured left to right; Bad Manners, Coffee Cup, Mud Slide, Tokyo, Fashionista.


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