L’Oreal & Pond’s Makeup Remover Wipes


L’Oreal Revitalift Makeup Remover

These I believe are L’Oreal’s only makeup remover wipes. They have a liquid remover which I would like to try but they don’t see it locally. These wipes are OK. They remind me a lot of the blue Neutrogena wipes, simple to use, took off most of your face and eye makeup, gentle, but just not enough makeup was removed. They’re good, but not amazing. They come in packs of thirty and have a slight scent. I didn’t mind it but my friend said it reminded her of baby powder, which she doesn’t like. Regardless the scent isn’t strong.

Pond’s Original Fresh Makeup Remover

Pond’s cold cream has been around for ages and my grandma’s grandma used it to remover her makeup, so the brand has been around the block. They have three versions of these wipes, and since I liked this one I’m going to try the other two. This really is unscented and gently removes almost all your makeup. More than the L’Oreal ones. The one thing about these wipes is that they are completely wet with product, practically soapy. It kind of is alarming at first because you think it will sting your eyes but it doesn’t. Overall it’s a good gentle product that does the job very nicely.


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