NYC Liquid Eyeliner & Big Bold Mascara


NYC Big Bold & Precis Eyeliner

NYC maked two liquid liners and a multitude of pencils, but let me tell you folks. This eyeliner is awful. This I believe was the more expensive one (this was three, the other two) I was really disappointed, but the shape of the brush (square) actually hurt trying to draw on my lids. If something is near my eyes and hurts that is not a good sign. The other thing is the color. It says it’s very black, but comes out dark brown and faded. Don’t buy it!



NYC Big Bold Volume By the Lash Mascara

Fortunately the other two eye products I bought were good. This mascara, which retails for four dollars. One of about three other mascaras at that price, is the first mascara not to smudge on my eyelids. I’ve tried three other ones from this brand. All good but all with the same problem. This is one of my favorites, it gives me long lashes, doesn’t smudge or flake, and overall is a very nice mascara.


Pictured Just the mascara.


Lastly I have the NYC 24hr Waterproof Eyeliner in Sky High

Like the Eyeshadow stick this is a long lasting waterproof product. I don’t know about the waterproof part as I haven’t worn it in the water, but it is super long lasting, doesn’t budge and is really creamy and easy to apply. Plus as a bonus it screws up from the bottom so it doesn’t need a sharpener.



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