I rarely take photos without posing. What can I say I’m a poser. There’s something more personal about taking a photo without doing something. We rarely look directly into the camera and let people see us, without a smile, without a mask, just our face plainly looking back. It seems more rare, and much more real. I follow the blog Humans of New York, run by photographer Brandon Stanton, which are profiles of people in New York, and sometimes in other countries or states with the smallest silver of someone’s life. Those people always seem to tell the truth. It’s one question, one snip it of their life and they open up. Sometimes its sweet, sometimes it’s heartbreaking, and mostly it’s eye-opening. We get so wrapped up in our lives, and often only hear the negative in other countries, so rarely how one person is doing, and their story. How many stories is the world made of if you linked them all together? How many lies and truths have we told?






Dress: Forever 21, Cardigan: Memphis, Necklace: Sammydress, Shoes: Converse.


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