The Golden Compass


So when I get a lot of new books I tend to rip through them at top speed, and I’ve already finished three, but since Netflix just added the new season of Once Upon a Time (That company just WANTS me to fail at life) and I’m trying to finish before school starts so I don’t fail at the beginning of the school year I’ve been slightly delayed. However I will give book reviews on the two that I finished that I liked.

I’ve read the Golden Compass before but I hadn’t remembered. I have seen the movie before as well. The book is absolutely fantastic. It’s about a girl named Lyra who is twelve and has not yet become a women, (this is very important in the book you’ll find out later) In the story it’s much like Earth but everyone who is human has daemons. Daemons are creatures that are animals that you can communicate with and bonded with your soul. They shapeshift into whatever they desire when you are a child but after you become adult they settle into one animal. There are also witches and great bears who can speak who don’t have daemons but have armor that means as much to them as daemons mean to their people. Children around the college where Lyra lives are being stolen to help fight against Dust and Lyra has to help find these children and fight against the people who are stealing them. The series comes in three parts and I can’t wait to read the rest of the books because it’s so wonderfully written. Lyra is an incredible stubborn, smart and resourceful child and the author keeps you on the edge of your seat. The bond between people and their daemons is so beautifully written. I know I’m not the best at writing reviews but I just have to say that this book is amazing and you really should try it.


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