My favorite TV series


I have Netflix instead of regular TV so all of my favorite shows are on it. I have to wait for uploads of every new season. At the beginning of the summer I watched the newest season of Pretty Little Liars, best watched during the day so freaking out over A is minimum. Now I finished Once Upon A Time before school started. How I Met Your Mother and Saturday Night Live are really fun shows to watch on Saturday, although I wish Netflix would add a newer season of SNL because currently they only have 2011-2012. Bob’s Burgers is also a new discovery, it’s the funniest show and since the episodes are only twenty minutes long, you can’t watch just one. Sherlock, which if you haven’t seen it you live under a rock and need to, is an amazing show where Benedict Chumberbatch plays Sherlock the worlds only consulting detective. It’s a pretty high intensity show and is just so fun to watch. So this was just a fun post about my favorite shows. I hope you guys found it somewhat interesting.







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