Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation


So I had a liquid foundation from NYC that I hadn’t had for very long but it started to become gloopy. It was very odd, so I bought this foundation, the cheapest out of all three foundations from Rimmel. It’s got a paddle, much like the NYC foundation which is actually pretty unhygienic as cool as it looks. The reason that is if you take the paddle out of your bottle and then apply it to your hand or your face just transfers a lot of bacteria into the foundation. The minute I opened this foundation it was already gloopy, which was really disappointing because that usually is a sign that foundation is old. I mixed it up and tried it out but it didn’t really get any better. The foundation doesn’t have a bad finish, it’s a bit streaky while apply but gets better, and it’s light to medium. However it only wears max five hours with a primer & powder and I need a foundation that lasts quite a while. So while it isn’t a bad product, I’d say it’s good for people who only wears makeup for a short amount of time that doesn’t want a high coverage.



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