NYC City Proof Buildable Mascara


I’m almost done with all the mascara’s and eyeliners in New York Color guys! Then I will be able to do the final brand breakdown video for NYC brand. I have one more mascara and one more eyeliner. So moving on to this mascara, this is 2.99 and it’s a buildable mascara but it does smudge on the eyelids. In general the more expensive mascara’s are better with New York Color which is the opposite of Wet N Wild mascaras. It does have nice natural looking finish so if you had eyelash extentiosn and you didn’t need a lot of mascara, or your just general blessed in the lash department then this is better for you.

I’m sorry this photo doesn’t show off my mascara very well but I don’t wear this mascara on its own because I don’t love it on it’s own, so it doesn’t look like this but I don’t have a photo of it on its own.


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