Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Music Video Fashion Inspiration

Here comes another post about music video inspired fashion. This is one of my other favorite songs in Taylor Swifts 1989 album and I was super excited that she released a video on it. I also thought that the brunette look worked very well with Taylor. I have to say it’s not my favorite music video, but it is chock full of beautiful fashion.

Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams

This outfit is inspired by the African Safari look she wore Taylor wore hers with books but oxford flats are also a staple of hers and I think that you can go either way. Khaki pants and a white blouse are classic anywhere, safari, work or class, you just have to make sure its tailored. A headscarf in any color or pattern gives it a vintage and girly touch as well as a red lip.

Red Lips and Rosy Cheeks

Red Lips and Rosy Cheeks

Now this is not the most wearable look but you can tweak heels for flats and tailor it to your style. Taylor wore a blue jumpsuit in one scene, but also a set of separates, She’s know in her day to day life to wear them too, and a set of separates makes any look polished. Fun cat eye sunglasses are a nice accessory, and big lashes, blush and red lipstick will be a youthful glowing makeup look.

I bet these memories follow you around

I bet these memories follow you around

I think personally that this look would be perfect for a party but a simple yellow dress, flats and a statement necklace is also good for work or school. Taylor wore the same consistent look, curled hair and red lipstick, for pretty much the whole video so toning it down or up is fine to make the look your own.

Tangled up with you all night

Tangled up with you all night

Now in the video she was wearing a nightgown for this look, but a LBD and a red kimono or cardigan would be a cute look as well. Paired with a smokey eye, ballet flats, and a lion necklace as a symbol for the safari.

Say You'll Remember Me

Say you’ll remember me

Definitely the least wearable out of all the outfits, maybe a homecoming look? A blush dress and polka dots heels are a very cute girly look, but fur adds instead glamour, (faux of course) Added a film inspired bracelet, and layered necklaces for your accessories and as always the classic red lip.


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