Wet N Wild Coverall Concealer Wheel & Liquid Concealer Wand


These are the two other concealers in the Wet n Wild coverall line. They also have a stick concealer which I have already reviewed. The wand is a good concealer coming in an almost mousse like texture and because I picked the lightest shade will be best for highlighting and blemishes. It can cover undereye circles but doesn’t do it completely so it’s not the best concealer for that. It lasts a good amount of time and blends into the skin pretty well, sits a bit on the skin but not enough to be bad. The concealer wheel has a green, purple, yellow, and white concealer. Purple concealer is good for someone who has a lot of yellow in their skin, while yellow is good for undereye circles and bruises. Green cancels out red in your skin and white is good for highlighting. You would have to apply a skin colored concealer on top of the purple or green folks, but it does work. The concealer is a bit, waxy? I guess. it was a bit hard to get out of the container and not completely easy to blend but I think if you warmed it up first that would help. This also lasted a decent amount of time, but does sit atop your skin a bit more than I would want, and doesn’t blend amazingly into dry patches. It is a good product however and I do like it.




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