Eucerin & EOS Hand Cream


I’m actually going to start with the EOS Hand Cream. I have extremely dry hands and so I need to bring hand cream around with me so that my hands don’t resemble crocodile skin. I only have one scent of the EOS hand cream, and that’s berry blossom, although it comes in cucumber and fresh flower. The scent isn’t overpowering which is nice as I can sometimes get scent headaches depending on what someone, or I, am wearing. It soaks in quickly and the scent lingers for not a super long time which is nice, and it is also not greasy, a big plus. However it’s not moisturizing enough for me having such dry skin. It’s good for people who don’t have as dry of skin. The Eucerin hand cream on the other hand has no scent and it is amazingly moisturizing and not greasy AT ALL. I love this product, and between the two, this one is much better, not that the other one is bad.

Taken from google.


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