Wet n Wild False Eyelashes


There is reason that I’ve never reviewed any false eyelashes on my blog. I don’t wear them, and because obviously I’m in high school and why on earth would I need to wear them? This year I’m on the dance team and we are required to wear eyelashes for every performance so I’ve had to get used to them. These pair I bought at the dollar tree and the glue they came with is absolutely not something you want to use. I think pretty much across the board the DUO lash glue is one pretty much everyone uses. These eyelashes are in Shutter Shock and are a pretty natural but a little bit dramatic pair. They don’t have an invisible band so you really would need eyeliner, but they are pretty comfortable to wear. I got used to these at lot faster than the team lashes we are supposed to wear. They do still have these in other stores so maybe if you like falsies you may want to try them out.


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