Jenny Happ Nail Polish Set & Oxyprofessional Nail Polish Remover


When I went to summer camp, one night my counselor had these nail polishes and nail polish remover. She said she had bought the nail polishes at Costco and the Remover at Walmart. I found this remover at Fred Myer but it is an amazing remover. I can take off one whole hand with one cotton pad and the color just melts right off. These nail polishes I did buy at Costco and they are probably my favorite formulations I’ve ever tried. These Jenna Happ nail polishes are the creamist and often you only need one coat. A few of these, the Violet Eclair and I think two others are slightly less opaque but overall these are the most fantastic nail polishes I’ve ever tried. This kit was around $10 and for how great these are it’s a really good deal.


Toes in Crème de Cantaloupe and Nails in Marshmallow Fondant

Purple color in Trés Parfait and Blue in American Pie

Color is Thin Mint

Nail color in Violet éclair.
This is the only color with like a vein of color underneath. This is almost a cool-aid purple wit a blue shimmer in it.

Color is Pink Lady Finger

Color is Rose Tart


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