Fashion Math


Layering is my favorite thing about fall clothing. It’s so easy to just look completely cute and effortless when you can have multiple layers. I was super sick when I wore this but I still wanted to look cute, and be really warm because my school somehow is never warm enough. So dress+leggings+socks+boots+scarf+jacket=pretty cozy. It’s actually almost a formula. I could probably apply math to this. If you wear a certain number of layers combined with different lengths, patterns, and textures you almost always get a cute look. Tall socks with boots is B, the total outfit is Y, and the accessories is MX. There you can graph the perfect fall layered look. (I’m writing all of this knowing full well math is my least favorite subject)






Dress: JCPenney, Jacket: Walmart: Scarf: Thrifted, Leggings: Tommy Hilfiger. Socks: CNDirect, Boots: Stride Rite.


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