Cherish These Moments


This outfit was inspired by Lauren from Someone Like You. Her post with her outfit is the link below.
Lauren is someone who I really inspire because she shares so much of herself on her blog, the ups and downs of her relationships, spiritual journey, travels, life, college, and fashions. It’s because of her actually that Kent State is my top choice for college because it has every single major that I could want in one school. Kent also is a college town, and Ohio is a lot like Idaho in terms of climate. She’s just such a gem, and while she may never find out, I really admire her for her quiet strength and passionate love. She often says she’s not a good writer but I think she is, her writings on coffee could make even the most passionate tea drinker fall in love. Lauren you’re a big inspiration to me!








Top: LLBean, Skirt: H&M, Socks: Unknown, Shoes: Converse, Jacket: Walmart, Hat: H&M.


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