A Nontraditional Thanksgiving


Happy Thankgiving guys! I hope you guys will have a great Thanksgiving weekend, and if you celebrate it, Black Friday. Thanksgiving is funny for my family because we are a vegetarian family so we don’t eat turkey. Que the gasps and horrified stares. And the questions “What do you eat then? “You can’t be American if you don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving.” “What?!” Yes, yes my family doesn’t eat meat on Thanksgiving because we don’t eat meat at all. In the past we’ve eaten tofu turkey, or lasagna but usually we use it as an excuse to try out recipes we haven’t made before in our many vegetarian/vegan cookbooks. We have my grandma over and sometimes my godmothers or some family friends. My family doesn’t celebrate Black Friday, and in Sandpoint there aren’t any places to even go so we just laze around, take a family walk with our dog and eat way way to much. I’m super thankful to be safe and healthy this holiday and I wish the same for all of you.




Sweater: JCPenney, Jewlry: Vintage, Jeans: Macy’s, Flats: H&M.


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