My Seattle Weekend Adventure + A Review of Hotel Max


This past weekend my mom and I went to Seattle for Friday-Sunday to celebrate my birthday. My actual birthday was the week beforehand but my mom was in San Diego on my actual birthday so when she came back we took a small trip together. We flew Friday afternoon from Spokane, and spent Friday and Sunday in Seattle and took a road trip up to Bellingham on Saturday to visit a college. Mom got to meet up with her old college friend and I toured Western Washington University. The university was beautiful but it’s not for me. It’s hard to pin point exactly why but I just don’t think I’ll be a good match for me. On Friday we spent walking around Seattle going to Pike’s Place Market shopping a little bit and just walking around. On Sunday we went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum which was so beautiful. It was very fun weekend and I enjoyed myself immensely.

We stayed in a hotel called Hotel Max very close to the Space Needle in downtown Seattle. We had the most amazing time there and the only small complaint my mom had been that the internet wasn’t very good. The rooms and elevators are quite small but it doesn’t feel cramped at all. Each floor had striped carpeting and black and white photographs blown up on the doors. The whole place is decorated very hipster rock and roll. The restaurant next door which is not through the hotel, but works with it, is a very nice steakhouse, but does have really good vegetarian appetizers which we ate one night. The rooms were very nice and the great thing about this hotel was that to get to any floor you needed to put your card in to prove you were a guest or worked at the hotel. It’s a nice security and makes you feel safe. Although you didn’t have to put your card in on the way down, for emergencies and convenience and whatnot. When we first arrived the hotel gave us a bottle of wine, which of course my mom was the only one drinking, which we thought was on the house. When we checked out we found out they had charged us for it because they thought my mom had requested it, but when she explained she hadn’t they took it off the bill, which was really nice of them. They also had iPhone cords which they let my mom borrow because she had forgotten hers. They charged to your account the actual cost of a cord in case you forgot to bring it back and then took the charge off one you returned it. They had free tea and coffee in the lobby every morning and free draft beer during happy hour every night. Not something that applied to me but if your of drinking age that’s cool. They also had these super awesome gumballs during all other times in the lobby which had an M for Max. Overall we had a really nice experience and if you want to stay in Seattle you would love Hotel Max.












Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam













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