The Maybelline Babylips Electro Collection


If you guys know me, you know that I don’t like the regular babylips. However they had the electro collection and I bought one, loved it, and so I had to go back for more. The only color I don’t have is Strike a Rose which is a rose pink. I was super surprised that I liked these and so now I’m going to have to try the Babylips crystal and medicated line. These are like the regular babylips in terms of lip balm formula, smooth and not waxy but not thick more of a purse lip balm then one you put on before bed. Each of them have a specific scent. The hot pink one smells like candy, while the green smells like mint. The yellow one smells kind of like cleaning fluid so not my favorite, but that’s ok.

Left to right; minty sheer, oh orange, fierce n tangy, berry bomb, pink shock.

The orange, purple,and pink have the slightest color while the rest are sheer.


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