4 Real


The Song Of The Heather Fairy

“Ho, Heather, ho!” From south to north
Spread now your royal purple forth!
Ho, jolly one! From east to west!
The moorland waiteth to be dressed!”

I come, I come! With footsteps sure
I run to clothe the waiting moor;
From heath to heath I leap and stride
To fling my bounty far and wide.

*I’m not sure who this is by, I could not find the author.

I was always a child who wanted to believe in fairies and elves, and unicorns. I owned books that talked about the twelve dancing princesses, I read the Disney fairy books often, and one of my youngest memories is of badgering my school and local librarian for unicorn books. I read “The Unicorn’s Secret” series and “Into the Land of Unicorns”
I still have a land book on fairies that Disney released full of beautiful illustrations of what the fairies on Neverland are like. Sometimes I still pull it out and look at it remembering the excitement that I used to get at these. I can look back and say that mentally, I grew up pretty fast, which is why I held on, and in some ways still do, to things that are deemed childish. Cartoons which are certainly not seen to hold a teenagers attention I love, (Scooby Doo, and Winx fans anyone, I know I’m 10 it’s ok.) and I still would read those books and enjoy them today. It’s really quite sad how fast people grow up and sometimes I would do anything to go back to being in the second and third grade. What was I thinking hating naps as a child? They are so wonderful.



Sweater: My friends, Leggings: Tommy Hilfiger, Sneakers: Converse, Necklace: Sammydress.


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