It’s crazy that it’s December already. This blog had already been through three Decembers and it’s not even three years old yet. Although I have been blogging for probably six years now. People don’t often realize how much work and effort goes into a blog. At least one day each weekend I write and schedule and post for at least 5+ hours. After school I’ll take photographs for 5-10 minutes. It all adds up to as many hours as an after school job. Which doesn’t mean I’m complaining. I love blogging. But the bloggers and vloggers who I appreciate the most are the transparent ones. Not necessarily that they must have no private life, because I’m not entitled to anything from them, something people on the internet forget a lot, but someone who shares many aspects of their life, not just the posed ones. Honesty is refreshing and appreciated. The internet is a cruel place, but it is really nice in between perfect Instagram feeds and “ironic” sassy tweets to have the candid moments. It makes it classic. It makes it real.





Top: Nordstrom’s, Jeans: Forever 21, Boots: Thrifted, Jacket: Italy, Necklace: Gift, Earrings: Claire’s.


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