Un-Chrismassy Red Cups


*Let’s not start anything everybody

Annnd also the snow is gone……as you can see.

I’m not going to get into this because I’m sure everybody is already sick of hearing about it but I think the “War on Christmas” is pretty much a load of crap. Can’t we all be happy and get alone for one month out of the year? I’m not asking for too much here, just 31 one days of slightly improved attitudes. This year I’m getting a lot of really little gifts for everyone, mostly because I’m broke and my gifting list has expanded, but I’ve already covered most of my friends and on of my relatives. I still have most of my immediate family and my secret sister for dance team, one of my friend’s birthday presents, and the rest of my boyfriends present. I may or may not do gift guides this year. It would be fun but I just have to see.





Top: Macy’s, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Empire, Shoes: Converse, Jacket: Italy, Beanie: H&M.


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