Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner


Rimmel has in total 10 eyeliners. All across the board their pencil eyeliners are pretty great, and the Jumbo felt tip eyeliner is as well. This is no exception to the good quality of eyeliners. It has a brush wand and is extremely black. It’s a fairly “liquidy” liquid eyeliner so it does take a minute or so to dry completely. Someone with hooded eyes would want to keep their eyes closed completely until it was dry. It does sometimes sting my eyes a bit I’m not going to lie, but it is a really good product. It does smudge on the outer corner of my right eye, which ALL eyeliners do this for me, I don’t know why it’s the most annoying thing ever, but not as bad as some.

If anyone has had that problem, where one corner of their eye will not hold onto eyeliner completely, (some stays some goes) and it’s the same for pencil and liquid across the board, please tell me any products that do not budge.





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