It’s silly how attracted we grow to colors and how much of a personal thing they are. Yellow for an example is the color of baby ducks, and lemons bright and cheery in a bowl, and fall leaves. Yellow is that bright and cheerful color that is quite often so rare in nature that you can’t help but smile when you see it. Red is another. Red berries against pure white snow somehow managing to escape the frosted sugar dusting. Snow which is the purest form of white you could ever find and it stabs your lungs and takes away your breath it’s so gorgeous. Blue is a personal favorite of mine, it’s such a lovely color. The solid unchanging blue hue of the sky, and the dark navy blue color of the night sky, and the deep color of lake water, but the clear crystal blue-green like sea glass of Bahamian waters. Orange is a color done beautifully only in nature’s hand when it fires up the sky or a tiny spark lets loose a pillar of terrifying destruction. Green is often done but human hand to be overly bright, almost neon, but forest green grass makes a carpet for you to sleep while chocolate-brown boughs of pine needles shades you from the sun. Purple is almost never found, except in the beginning or end. But black, lovely, black is found only on cloudless nights where the sun has gone and no stars can be found. It’s beautiful when you are safe, and terrifying when you aren’t, but black can be such a comforting soft color if you let it.





Top: Nordstrom’s Rack, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Empire, Flats: Nordstrom, Earrings: Savvy Couture.


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