Hard Candy Concealers: Glamoflauge & Sheer Envy


Hard Candy has four different concealers and I’m here to talk about two of them. One is the glamoflauge concealer which matches with the Glamoflauge foundation which is the only foundation from this brand. The other is their sheer envy brightening concealer. Glamoflauge kind of reminds me of Makeup For Ever full coverage concealer because it’s very full coverage and a little goes a really long way. I’ve never tried the full coverage concealer but for this concealer it’s quite thick and bend well but if you have dry skin they do sit kind of patchily. I don’t have very dry skin but this doesn’t sit as well as it really should. The sheer envy concealer is really good. It’s not super full coverage but it’s a good brightening/highlighting concealer. Maybelline has two different ones and L’Oreal has one but I haven’t tried them so I can’t tell how they compare but this is a good concealer at brightening my eyes and it doesn’t crease.



Photo with the concealers.


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