We’ve had such enormous icicles this winter I’ve taken to knocking them down on our back porch because I worry about the dog getting hurt. I’ve been trying to stay inspired during this lull after winter break before Valentine’s day. I’ve started painting again for the first time in maybe five or six years, minus art classes I’ve taken as elective, and I’m really trying to read again as much as I used to when I was little. I read probably five hours a day. I’m not exaggerating it was my favorite thing to do. I was the little kid who would get her book taken away by the teacher for reading too much. Right now I’m in the middle of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s complete works book I got for Christmas. It’s beautiful he paints the most wonderful pictures.







Top: Christmas gift, leggings: Pacsun, Boots: JCPenney, Hat: Thrifted.


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