Harry Potter


First off, I am wearing a Harry Potter dress. Secondly I AM WEARING A HARRY POTTER DRESS!
I actually screamed out loud when I opened this on Christmas, and my brother gave me this watch necklace with the deathly hallows symbol on it. I own Hermione’s wand, a Christmas gift to me and my brother when we were younger, my brother has Harry’s wand. We’ve also been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which was amazing and I have to see again before I die. This post, unfortunately comes timely with the death of Alan Rickman who played Snape. He died at age 69 from cancer, and to me no other actor could ever play Snape in any way that would ever measure up to Alan Rickman. The world lost a great actor and a great person this year. The books and movies were my childhood. RIP Alan Rickman you will be missed.





Dress: Christmas Present from Hot Topic, Necklace: Christmas gift also Hot Topic, Leggings: Tommy Hilfiger, Boots: Sam Edleman, Jacket: Italy.


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter

  1. Love the dress and the locket..! I’m desperate for a wand right now..! I don’t think they are available in India very easily..!! But I just want a wand..!

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