Wet N Wild Photofocus Setting Spray & Mattifying Powder



Wet n Wild recently released a setting spray for the new year, and their contract with celebrity Fergie just ended. The powder I believe used to be part of Fergie’s line, as all the products are the same black packaging, just without the Fergie name. So the setting spray is new but the powder is not. Now we’ll start with the setting spray which is what I do like. It’s a short bottle around 1 1/2 fluid ounces and is 4.99. It’s a dewier setting spray that provides dewiness and makes your makeup last. It’s got a nice pump that distributes well over your face, but it does sting your eyes a little bit if you open them right after you spray the mist. It also smells a bit like hairspray. However I do really enjoy this product. The powder I did not enjoy at all. It doesn’t swatch well at all or seem to pick up very well with the brush, and it has a very chalky feeling when you rub it. It’s translucent and doesn’t cast white but I hardly ever use this I dislike the feeling so much.


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