What’s New Kitty Kat?


Cat eyes and cat shirts make me feel a wee bit sassy. This is Diana, daughter to Luna and Artemis of Sailor Moon. This is one of the shirts that I was gifted. I hope everyone is having a Happy M0nday *Awkwardly winks at my kind of pun. I’m just getting over a cold I caught on Thursday. It was not fun I had to stay home from school Friday and spent all day freezing. That kind of cold you get when you’re sick where nothing you do warms you up because you’re cold on the inside. Ooh that’s the worst and I had it all day. Fortunately I’m doing much better. I’m almost completely over it. Now I’m off to concur the world!







Top: Happy M0nday, Necklace: Happy M0nday, Leggings: Christmas Gift, Shoes: Nordstrom’s Rack, Cardigan: My Gradfathers.


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