The Sad Trend


I’ve noticed that online, often across social media many people my own age have made it a trend to be sad. Not new and definitely not pioneered by Millennials it seems to be extremely popular for your online presence to act depressed without realizing what depression actually is. Teenage angst has always existed and being sad certainly is legitimate, but while I love being grunge and I certainly understand being an angsty teenager, somehow it doesn’t sit well in my stomach for sadness to be a trend. There’s a difference between understanding it and thinking that it’s cool. I understand if you are actually sad and you hint at it on your social media because you want someone to understand without actually saying it, but sadness is not fashionable. Sadness is so romanticized and it always has been in movies and literature, but with such a social media obsessed generation I often feel like we forget how dangerous it is to dramatize sadness. We think its cool to make our Instagram accounts dark and to quote sad lyrics in all of our posts, and tweet mysteriously about our problems because we want to be seen as far away. We forget that it isn’t mysterious to be alone it’s lonely. It’s a hard balance to know if sadness is real or a trend because social media is not real human interaction but please remember that sadness is not a trend.






Sweater: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: Empire, Boots: Borne, Jacket: Wet Seal, Necklace: Claire’s.


3 thoughts on “The Sad Trend

  1. Sadly, sadness is in many ways a choice. As an older person, personally I feel SO MUCH HOPE for the younger generation. For the FIST time in my 50 plus years there is a presidential candidate who is speaking truth to corrupt power and the youth of America appear to be listening. If you want to make a change in the world for the better, all it will take is for the young to assert their rights and power. In the past they have tended to not do so. Still, they were critical to Obama’s becoming president, and it is clear what an excellent choice that was. We ALL have another change to change the world. Lets register, and do some real kick ass on the old and intrentched power structure that sucks the life out of the majority. HOPE is EVEYWHERE. STAND UP AND ASSERT YOUR RIGHTS, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER. Don’t wait for the old and feeble in power to do ANYTHING other than prepare for thier own ends. FLY my children!

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