Maybelline Master Contour Kit


Among the new releases that Maybelline did this year, one of these was the contour palette. It comes with a bronzer/contour shade, a blush, and a highlighter, and comes in two different shades-light to medium and medium to deep. Tati Westbrook from GlamLifeGuru on Youtube offered an in dept video about these and because of that video I bought the light to medium shade. In this particular palette you will notice the shade is much more of a bronzer than anything I would ever contour with. The medium to deep shade has a much more grey toned powder that’s better for contouring but what really sold me was this highlighter. This particular shade comes with an bronzer, I would never use this for contouring, a matte bright pink blush, and the most beautiful golden highlight. I think it’s worth it for the highlight alone. Now don’t get me wrong all of these products are great, good pigmentation, last a long time, smooth and even in formula, but if you’re buying specifically for contour I would pick a different shade or palette. That being said I do really love this.






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