February Ispy Bag Reviews


I’m coming to you guys with the review of my Febuary Ipsy Bag! I liked this month and I especially liked the bag this month. Product list left to right; makeup bag by Ipsy, Trust Fund beauty nail polish, Smashbox Primer Oil, Vintage by Jessica Liebskind lipgloss, Naked Skin Cosmetics loose pigment, BFF Best Face Forever exfoliating face wash.


BFF’s website is currently undergoing construction so I don’t know what the full sized of this product is or what it’s price is. This is a sample sized of their exfoliating facial wash. It is marketed as a wash and not as a scrub but to me this is more of a facial scrub than a face wash. I like the way it makes my skin feel but I’m not a big fan of the scent.


Vintage by Jessica Liebskind lipgloss in pink sequin. Full sized is $21. This is your typical sticky lipgloss the kind that most people think of when they think of lip gloss. It’s got a lot of color in the tube but not a ton of color actually on your lips, it’s mostly sparkle. It photographs well but doesn’t look as good in person because again it’s mostly sparkle.


Smashbox photo finish primer oil is $42 full sized. I did not like this at all. It smells like essential oils, and I have a feeling you could probably recreate this really easily with actual essential oils. Te scent is really strong and the oil didn’t absorb into my face, so anyone who has any kind of oily skin you would not like this. It did not seem to make my makeup last any longer either.


Full sized Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in I’m kind of a Big Deal is $15. This was a really good nail polish, and absolutely full sized which was nice. It’s a nice pink color that I don’t own and went on easily in one-one & 1/2 coats. It’s quite shiny without a topcoat too and lasts a good while before chipping.


Naked Skin cosmetics loose pigment in Sierra Nevada is $15 and is one of several eyeshadows named Sierra Nevada. This is my favorite thing in the whole bag. It’s a loose pigment eyeshadow in this lovely sparkly champagne shade. It’s so pretty and because it is such a wearable shade that means you can wear sparkle in the daytime and have it look gorgeous. There is some fallout but if you apply your eyeshadow first and then your foundation that takes care of the problem, because all the fallout occurs when your putting it on not throughout the day. I love it so much.



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