The Break

You may have wondered, or maybe not where I have been. My parents and I decided a while ago that it would be a good idea to take a break. It only now has slowed down enough that I can do this again. I’m going to tell you all these things that have happened lately because a lot has happened since March 14th the last day a post went up. I’m trying really hard to be as relaxed as possible and because of that it was necessary to take a break. I was burnt out because of everything I did and especially burnt out trying to produce as much as I was in the blog while doing as many posts as possible a day. Most bloggers that I follow don’t have scheduled post times, sometimes not even the professionals, and those who do have literally built a business on blogging. Case in point Emily from the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere posts five days a week often twice a day, but she has five employees helping her run her blog. I was a full-time student, dancer, DYW participant, and a full-time blogger! I can’t do that. I just can’t. I’ve tried before saying these things and then continued to post as much content as before not taking a break. It just doesn’t work for me. Lately it’s been very difficult to even care what I wear in the morning where as it used to be such a source of pride for me. I’m going to not post on a schedule for now and if blogging stresses me out I’m going to stop and step back until it doesn’t. So for the first time I took a long break and it was really nice and absolutely necessary. So now that I’m back I’m going to make this as fun as it was when I first started. Perhaps after reading this post no one cares where I was, but for me it’s important to look back at why I took a break and to document the things that happened in the following weeks so I don’t forget.

*Note a lot of the posts that will be going up in probably the next month or so old that I recorded or photographed when I was on break but are still good outfits or topics that I want to share.

State and PNW

dance team 2

I posted about the dance team placing at districts but we went onto PNW and state. Pacific Northwest dance competition was in Boise, which we raised the money to fly down to. Then the very next weekend we drove down to state. We didn’t end up placing at state, although we did win some trophies at PNW. Almost all our team was incredibly sick for state, my best friend went to the hospital and most of us had the flu. Despite that PNW and State were really fun. We went to this place called Big Al’s for dinner for PNW, they had a bowling ally, an arcade and a screen that covered an entire wall broadcasting a basketball game. My friend and I went and took photos in the photobooth which was really fun and she won me a poop emoji stuffed animal in the claw game. (who says you can’t win at one of those) State we got down on a Thursday (we went down with the cheerleading team who had competition on Friday so we went early) and had all day Friday to relax since we didn’t compete until Saturday. We went shopping which was really fun and then went to the Cheesecake Factory. I had never been before it’s a lovely restaurant.

dance team




Bernie Sanders Rally


Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders came to Spokane, Washington on March 20th and my mom and I went. The doors for the event opened at 6:00 and we got their at around 5:15. Some people had been waiting since noon. Bernie himself didn’t speak until 9:00 at night and my mom and I waited in line for four hours. It got very cold and wet although it never rained, and we never managed to make it in any of the areas because of how long the lines were. Thousands of people showed up to River Park Square and the line snaked around the park for probably more than a mile. It was so amazing. Even though my mom and I didn’t manage to make it in the building we still got really lucky because Bernie came out and spoke to us outside and we were at the front of the line, literally five feet from him! I was so excited and it was worth coming to school exhausted and the two-hour drive and four-hour wait to see him. He is a presidential candidate I am proud to support. #FeelTheBern





The Braces are Off


I am now the proud owner of a straight, braceless smile! I got my braces off the week before the Distinguished Young Women show after having them on for two & a half years. I will hopefully be making a video talking about my experience but I’m really happy with how my teeth look.


The Distinguished Young Women Show!


DYW is over. The show was a while ago and it was so nuts. The week of the show we had practice every day after school until late, and the show was that following Saturday. We competed in six different categories and there were 10 of us competing. We could win in scholastic, interview, fitness, talent, self-expression (where we answered a question onstage to judge our speaking ability, poise, and ability to work under pressure), and Be Your Best Self essay. Be Your Best Self is the platform DYW uses and we volunteer, each local program decides what they want to do, and then we write an essay about it. The essays are judged by the committee who puts on the local show, and there is a small award called the Spirit award that the participants vote on for who best represents the program. The rest of the categories are determined on by volunteer judges. I won 2nd place in the program and I will got to state for Idaho if for some reason the winner of the program can not. The top three winners will also help teach next years participants.









Dance Team Show


Our end of the year show was two weeks ago. At the end of the year the dance team puts on a show and does all of the dances we learn throughout the whole year. It was a lot of fun. The week after that we had a break and Thursday we had our banquet where I lettered in Dance something I had never done in any sport. That following week was tryouts, but I have chosen not to return next year simply because it’s to much of a time commitment and since I have to teach next years girls for DYW which is essentially like going through the program again, I won’t be able to do as many other things I need to do. My best friend was made co-captain of the team though and I’m super proud of her and she will have a great time.



Cedar Post goes to LA


My local school newspaper Cedar Post takes a trip every year to the JEA convention where our newspaper competes in the broadsheet 16 pages and under with all other high school newspapers across the country. We took 3rd for our category in the nation so that is really cool! Especially because we have a staff of 30 kids and we were competing with schools who had staffs of 40 or 50 kids. It was a three-day trip and it was so much fun. We had a number of bumps, like the lady at the Spokane airport didn’t give me my connecting flight ticket, another kid lost his wallet in a taxi, I got food poisoning the third day from bad sushi but somehow it all worked out. We still aren’t sure if it was food poisoning because I recovered so quickly but it was still bad. It was the best school trip I’ve ever taken and next year I’m going to take it again.









The following will be photos of our one site seeing trip the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

IMG_2942 (1)






IMG_2970 (1)

This was my favorite exhibit.


2 thoughts on “The Break

  1. I personally don’t have a blog-post schedule either. And I find that when bloggers post EVERY SINGLE DAY, or even a couple of times a week, I don’t care how popular they are — I lose interest as their reader. I stop listening, stop reading, and I usually end up unsubscribing from their blog.
    So, I don’t feel bad when I stop posting on my own blog for weeks at a time, nor when other bloggers stop posting for a while. It really just shows we’re busy doing other life things 🙂

    • Thank you for that. I personally like when bloggers post a lot because the people that I follow I really like hearing about them and their lives, but it’s interesting to hear a different perspective.

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