Wet n Wild New Coloricon Blushes Old vs New Formula


Wet n Wild Released a New Formula this year and I really wanted to buy the new shade Rose Champagne, so although these are not the same colors, although all the old colors got updated as well, I thought I would do a review of the differences. Both are still the same price about 4.99. The new packaging is sleeker with less room for the brush no one uses although the do give one to you. It’s still not a great brush and I would recommend buying an actual blush brush. Both formulas are still extremely pigmented but from what I see the old formula has less obvious glitter in it. The old blush in Pearlescent Pink has glitter, and although it looked pretty on the cheeks I just never wore it because I didn’t like it as much as the other blushes. Rose Champagne has more subtle shimmer in it which I love. Both formulas are nice but I would recommend you checking out the new formula if you haven’t yet. It’s really nice.




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